Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is the cost of AlgoTerminal?

AlgoTerminal is available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

For a custom quote please visit our pricing page:

Why use AlgoTerminal instead of my own custom solution?

The cost of developing a solution that has both backtesting and live trading capabilities is very high. We invested millions of dollars and over a decade of R&D in developing and testing AlgoTerminal. Your time and money would be better spent on researching new trading strategies than undertaking such a complex project.

AlgoTerminal has the largest and most mature feature set in the industry for backtesting, optimizing and executing sophisticated trading strategies.

For more information please visit our features page:

Can you migrate my strategies from other platforms?

Yes, we have consultants who can import your trading strategies from other platforms.

For more information please visit our services page:

Can I trial the platform before I subscribe?

Yes, we provide a 30-days free trial that you can sign up to:

Setup Questions

What are the system requirements for AlgoTerminal?

AlgoTerminal can run on any Windows machine that has .NET Framework 4.6 or greater installed on it. For optimal performance we recommend having an SSD drive, a lot of RAM and a strong CPU.

How do I install AlgoTerminal?

Simply download the platform from our download page and run the setup file. The entire setup process takes no more than a couple of minutes. www.algoterminal.com/download

Technical Questions

Which asset classes does the platform support?

Equities, futures and forex.

Who has access to my trading strategies and intellectual property?

Only you do. AlgoTerminal stores all of your scripts and strategies on the same server that you install it on. We don’t have access to your files and never see your scripts, unless you explicitly share them with us via some external method such as email or dropbox.

Which programming languages can I use to code my strategies?

AlgoTerminal scripts can be coded in C#, F# and VB.NET (Python support coming soon).

Can I trade multiple strategies from the same instance?

Yes, a single AlgoTerminal instance can run many strategies at the same time.

Can I trade multiple symbols from the same strategy?

Yes, a single strategy can be used to trade as many symbols as you like, using both our standard trading strategy scripts as well as our multi-symbol trading strategy scripts. In fact, we have clients that are trading thousands of symbols simultaneously.

Can I trade multiple bar types from the same strategy?

Yes, you can access as many bar types (intervals) as you like from the same strategy.

Can I trade multiple asset-classes from the same strategy?

Yes, we have no restrictions on trading multiple asset classes from the same strategy.