The Script Designer is the preferred integrated development environment (IDE) for writing trading strategies and other supported script types. The designer can be used for creating and editing 18 different types of scripts using C#, F# and VB.NET (with Python support coming soon).

The designer is highly integrated with our API functions and offers many useful productivity features, such as: auto-completion, parameter details, syntax highlighting and error highlighting. In addition, whenever you’re editing a script the designer will categorize and list all of the API functions that it supports, enabling you to quickly find the functions you’re looking for.

Once a script has been created you can either continue editing it in the Script Designer or you can launch Visual Studio and edit it from there (by clicking a dedicated toolbar button with the VS icon on it). One feature that Visual Studio offers that our Script Designer does not is the ability to use a debugger with breakpoints. In order to debug a script using breakpoints you'll have to launch Visual Studio and attach it to the AlgoTerminal.exe process, which will then enable the breakpoints whenever the script is executed by the platform.

The Script Designer window can be used to do the following:

  • Create new scripts
  • Edit existing scripts
  • Compile (build) scripts
  • Import or export scripts
  • Launch Visual Studio on a script